About Global Education

About Global Education

The Global Education Program inspires and cultivates students as the next generation of leaders prepared to tackle critical issues facing the globe.

Our signature event, International Week, is the University’s largest annual extra-curricular educational event and is the most extensive event of its kind on a Canadian campus.  The University and Edmonton communities are able to explore a host of global issues through more than 50 events including lectures, workshops, exhibits and cultural performances. 

"International Week has been a transformative experience for me.  It extended my knowledge about global issues forcing me to engage in those issues at a more active level.”  -- International Week attendee

University students want to engage with global issues throughout the year and to meet this need, the Global Education Program provides programming year-round. The Global Education Program works collaboratively with professors and units on campus as well as community organizations to provide additional programming such as lectures, conferences, book launches, exhibitions and intercultural training. 

Program staff have extensive knowledge of university and community resources in the areas of global issues and cultural diversity as well as excellent programming, project management, event planning and communication skills. The Program is innovative and respected nationally and internationally.

The Global Education Program also offers:

Contact us for more information about opportunities to volunteer during International Week and throughout the year, and sign up for our bi-weekly eNewsletter to hear about upcoming events and opportunities.


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