I-Week volunteers helping sell T-shirts at the 2012 concert

The Global Education Program relies on hard-working volunteers throughout the year to help promote and implement special events that raise awareness of global issues.

Volunteer for I-Week 2015 (January 26-30, 2015)

Many volunteers are needed to help make International Week possible. We always have a need for people to help with our publicity campaigns on and off campus during January, plus introduce guest speakers, and make sure the I-Week events run smoothly.

How to Volunteer

  1. See our volunteer job descriptions (PDF) for an idea of the time commitment required.
  2. Review the I-Week 2015 volunteer calendar to see if you're available.
  3. Volunteer Now...apply online!

Contact Volunteer Coordinator: Tatiana Duque

Other Volunteer Opportunities

You may also be interested in these other opportunities to volunteer with University of Alberta International:

  • Help welcome new international students from around the world as part of the Transitions orientation program.
  • Experience our campus' rich diversity by being attached to a group of international students for casual activities through the peer program.
  • Help recruit students for international exchanges and offer expertise to potential candidates through the education abroad volunteer programs.
  • International students can teach Albertans about other cultures and enhance their public speaking skills through the Bridges program.


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