Certificate in International Learning

A joint initiative of University of Alberta International and the Faculty of Arts.

UAlberta’s Certificate in International Learning is an embedded certificate program for undergraduate students with a big worldview.

It celebrates and recognizes the international achievements of UAlberta undergraduate students, whether it’s an intrepid telecommunications internship in India, field research excavations in Eastern Europe, community development in Tanzania, or—closer to home—living in the diversity of International House.

The CIL is a stand-out academic credential for students; a competitive international edge in an increasingly connected world.

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Why enroll?

  • Get recognition for your international knowledge and skills
  • Expand your worldview and gain knowledge in global issues
  • Develop intercultural communication skills
  • Showcase your international and cross-cultural experiences
  • Stand out to employers and graduate schools

Eligibility & Applying

Students studying full-time or part-time in any UAlberta undergraduate degree program, in any Faculty. Find out who can apply and how to register.

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Requirements & Getting Credit

Studying abroad, living in I-House or volunteering with a cross cultural organization—there are many ways to earn the CIL.

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Earn CIL credit during
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For further information contact a CIL advisor: cil@ualberta.ca