Visual Identity

International Week's visual identity was selected from several designs created by the talented students in DES 593. For many years, International Week organizers have worked with design students to develop a graphic design built around an annual theme, but in 2014 organizers asked for an on-going concept based on “International Week: For a Better World”.

The selected concept was created by Giselle Boehm, a visual communications designer and a passionate artist, illustrator, typographer and painter.

The logo design symbolizes the coming together of all worldly directions at a single point (International Week). The five triangles represent the five populated continents and come together in a pattern to create a message of community and “strength in togetherness”, while the hand-generated form brings a personable, “human” aspect to the design.

In Boehm’s words:

“International Week functions as an engaging and inspiring platform for people from around the world to come together and share their stories, work, and experiences connected to ideas and issues that are occurring at a global scale…..the visual identity system of International Week is based around the metaphor of the fabric that weaves us all together in a cultural tapestry of diversity. The metaphor celebrates our differences, artfully piecing them together as an interconnected whole. The elements of the system, when united, emphasize a sense of togetherness, and the idea that we are stronger as a whole when working towards the greater good.”


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