Outreach and Initiatives

Outreach and Initiatives

The Global Education Program has a mandate to both promote global citizenship and dialogue on critical global issues, as well as to reach beyond the University to engage the wider community. Throughout its history, Global Education has worked to develop partnerships and reach out to engage the public and communities off campus.

Recently, the Global Education Program has led an initiative in partnership with the Faculty of Education to engage the University in the creation of an undergraduate global citizenship curriculum. Through extensive research and collaboration with University of Alberta's 18 faculties, the initiative is working to determine how students, faculty and administrators at the University of Alberta understand global citizenship, and which education models would best suit the needs and values of students at the University of Alberta.

Partnerships with other organizations in Alberta are an important part of how the Global Education Program is able to discuss global issues with a diversity of communities. This includes co-hosting lectures, developing workshops together, and collaborating to develop new programming like the Migration and Labour Series. Global Education Program staff also helped develop the Buduburam CD Project in support of Liberian refugees living in the Bububuram camp in Ghana.


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