Becoming Canadian: Understanding Citizenship

On March 11, 2013 Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC) hosted a Community Citizenship Ceremony on the University of Alberta campus, at which new Canadians took their Oath of Citizenship and be formally welcomed into the Canadian family.

The Global Education Program was part of the local organizing committee to engage the University community in this event. Prominent and respected members of the University community attended the ceremony and hosted roundtable discussions exploring citizenship topics.

Each roundtable involved a conversation amongst the host and 6-8 new Canadian citizens.

Approximately 20 University of Alberta students were involved in Community Service Learning (CSL) projects related to the ceremony. Students from the Bridging Program attended the roundtable discussions, took notes and wrote summaries of the conversations. Others participated by coordinating volunteers and developing forums to discuss citizenship issues on social media.

Findings from the roundtable discussions were shared online.