Reaching New Communities Project

A CIDA Public Engagement Fund grant enabled the Global Education Program to reach Edmonton Diaspora and Aboriginal communities, women’s organizations, and youth not enrolled in the University in discussions of global issues through the Reaching New Communities Project.

The goal of the project was to increase awareness, understanding and engagement of individuals from target communities with respect to global issues and international development.

Selected Reaching New Communities programs:

  • A panel discussion on the rise of street politics in the Middle East with the Canadian Egyptian Society of Edmonton, Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East U of A, and Solidarity with Iran’s Democratic Movements Edmonton
  • Human Trafficking Series events with ACT Alberta, the Indo-Canadian Women’s Association, and Changing Together: A Centre for Immigrant Women
  • Jessica Yee TalkMigration and Labour Series lectures and workshops with the Centre for Race and Culture and their youth group, the Peace Ambassadors Initiative
  • Speaking events on feminism and colonization with Aboriginal youth activist Jessica Yee, in partnership with the Alberta Public Interest Research Group, Yellowhead Tribal College, the Sexual Assault Centre and women in the community interested in feminism and Aboriginal issues

Ongoing legacy

Through the Reaching New Communities project, we expanded contacts with these groups, and have significantly increased their involvement in global education activities at the University of Alberta. At least two educational workshops have been created as a result of this project. The workshop "Popular Theatre and Creating Communities of Change" was created by the Global Education Program team and the Centre for Race and Culture for a youth conference, and has since been shared with two organizations. Another new workshop was created by a partner organization for our Migration and Labour Series, "Migrant Routes: Global and Historical Perspectives on Labour and Migration in Canada." This organization has gone on to facilitate this workshop with other groups, including at International Week 2012.

"[The] Global Education Program is a good resource for us to get the message out to youth, university students and their parents. It also enables ethnic organizations like ours, to reach out to wider mainstream Canadian society [and] bring attention … to abuses immigrant women face. Our experience working with the University of Alberta Global Education Program has been very beneficial. It has helped us gain more visibility with the wider community and … has introduced us to a new avenue of community awareness with new partners we were not sure how to tap into prior to this partnership." - Community member involved in Reaching New Communities Project


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