About I-Week

International Week is the largest annual extracurricular educational event on campus and fosters global citizenship through engagement with today's most pressing issues.

One of the University of Alberta’s signature events, International Week (or I-Week) features free events designed to instigate new thoughts, inspire discussions and animate debates on current global issues. I-Week's award-winning program provides a forum for all segments of the U of A community—students, staff and faculty—as well as government departments, non-governmental organizations and civil society to present their own particular views on global issues and share their solutions to create a better world.

"International Week brings global conversations to the University of Alberta. We’ve built a diverse and exceptional community spanning our five campuses, and I-Week creates a space where we can hear each other, see from new perspectives, and find solutions together. We want to inspire engaged citizens and leaders who can think globally when tackling local problems. International Week helps to nourish and encourage those next-generation leaders." - University of Alberta President David Turpin, 2016

In 2009, International Week won the Canadian Bureau of International Education's Outstanding Program Award for high quality and highly creative programming in international education.

Visual Identity

I-Week received a new look in 2015. Learn more about the design.

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